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Wave Academy is now Healing Wave Aquatics!

Mission Statement: The mission of Healing Waves Aquatics is to support individual wellness and management of complex stress through aquatic therapy.

Healing Wave Aquatic's program provides trauma-informed aquatic therapy for low-income, at-risk, underserved veterans, active-duty members, and their caregivers. Our program provides a research-based alternative to support healing from post-traumatic stress. A program that started with 60 participants has grown to over 800 individuals served.

Our organization prides itself on providing a best-practice program, we recognize that seeking care is directly tied to breaking down barriers and access to care for PTS for our veterans, active-duty military, and their caregivers to allow for personal growth and relief from their symptoms. It is our duty to provide the highest level and trauma-informed care to our clients. Qualified clients receive our 8-week program at no charge. The program includes 8 one-hour sessions of guided movement with a licensed practitioner. Clients describe two significant outcomes: greater trust (in themselves and others) and increased calm (both physically and mentally).

Healing Wave Aquatics is the only nonprofit program of its kind in the nation. The organization just opened the new Healing Wave Aquatics facility in San Diego in June 2022. The facility will allow for double the number of veteran clients to be served. The organization also seeks to expand our program in the coming years to other vulnerable populations with PTS symptoms. Healing Wave Aquatics' stigma-free program is built on our core values of compassion, honor, courage, and respect for all of our clients.