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Wave Academy is now Healing Wave Aquatics!

Mission Statement: Our mission is to help active-duty military and veterans heal from post-traumatic stress through our unique, research-based program of warm water therapy. Our service welcomes caregivers to support whole family wellness.

Healing Wave Aquatics addresses the crisis of PTSD in San Diego where 24,000 veterans suffer from symptoms. A person with PTSD often experiences elevated stress levels, chronic fatigue, pain, and sleelplessness. Donations like your will help fund our research-backed program of aquatic therapy. Clients describe an increase in their feelings of trust and calm as a result of the program. As a result of your donation, service members, veterans and caregivers will be introduced to an experience that helps provide better sleep, lower levels of anxiety, decreased physical pain and increased connections with their family and community. Clients tell us that this is what it feels to be fully alive again.